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Introducing Biodrine, the organic parts cleaner that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and conforms to California’s Rule 66 for clean air.  Biodrine is all natural, non hazardous, non toxic and will not hurt the environment.

Biodrine makes parts clean!

  • Boiling point 425 degrees Fahrenheit @ 20 m Hg

  • Flashpoint 200 degrees Fahrenheit (at sea level)

  • Flammable limits (LEL/UEL) ND (not detected)

  • HMIS: Health 0, Fire 1, Reactivity 0
    Tested and verified by Chemtrec

No VOCs All Natural Non Toxic 
Leaves No Residue Non Hazardous Environment Friendly
CA Rule 66 Compliant Not Water Soluble High Flash

Available for order today in 55 and 5 gallon containers or in custom order quantities.

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